Dry pressed wood chip for animals.

Bedding for horses, chickens, rodents and other animals. Absorbs moisture well, is natural antiseptic. It is also used for cultivation of mushrooms, fertilizer, composts for a raspberry, blueberry. It is also a material for further processing into wood powder, for manufacturing of products from a wood-polymer composite.

Dimensions of the block are 30*40*80.
One block is 25 kg.
Humidity: 6-12 %

Chip is only from 100 % pine.
Own wood processing enterprise.
Amount of chip in a normal state of one briquette is by 6-8 times more. About 600-650 l.

Raw materials waste is accurately sorted.

You can place your order only at number  +38 098 908 64 34 Anna (Viber Telegram WhatsApp)

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