Pellets are made of natural materials and produced from the waste products of the timber industry, 100% clear pine. Our pellets are produced from untreated wood only, and do not contain any binding elements. After drying and grinding, the raw material (sawdust of hardwood and softwood) passes only through the press which provides high-quality, environmentally friendly product.




  • Environmentally friendly.
    Carbon dioxide (CO2), which is produced while burning wood pellets, is used during the growth of the trees, thus CO2 emissions are zero.
  • Convenience.
    Thanks to high-density pressing of the raw materials, pellets are small. They are compact (unlike other of biofuels, such as sawdust or chips). These features make it easy to drain fuel pellets, as well as increase ease of storage and delivery.
  • Productivity.
    The granules have a very low humidity. Combustion of this fuel does not consume much energy, so has a high emissivity, i.e. emits large amounts of energy during combustion.
  • Naturally.
    Wood pellets are produced from clean, uncontaminated wood. Any chemical and biological agents are not used during the production of pellets.
  • Versatility.
    Pellets can be used in boilers and furnaces of different kinds (including conventional furnace), and similar heating devices.

Due to the above characteristics, wood pellets are rapidly gaining popularity among producers and consumers.

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